Feature 2019

🎉English Literature Study Programme Proudly Presents🎉

Hi fellas!👋 Prepare yourself to an amazing festival that you won’t easily forget❗

Feature is an event organized by English Literature Study Programme, which aims to improve students’ ability in public speaking, add insights into the English Language and Literature, and develop creativity in creating a work through Speech, Story Telling, Spelling bee, Poetry Challenge, Short movie Competitions, Literary Seminars, and Art Festivals. This program is also expected to be the right media to explore the potential in the field of English Language and Literature.

Theme of feature
❝ Fly Beyond Imagination to the World of English Fantasy ❞

Registration time: 11st September – 4th November 2019

There will be :
🗣 Competitions (SHS students only)

🏆 Speech Competition (25th November)
Theme :
📜: Indonesian Cultural Heritage and the Modern Adolescence
📜: Indonesian Youth Present vs Past
🐤Early bird: Rp. 250.000 (11st September-4th October 2019)
Normal price: Rp. 300.000

🏆 Story telling competition (26th November)
Theme :
📜: English Fantasy
📜: Indonesian Folklore
🐤Early bird: Rp. 250.000 (11st September-4th October 2019)
Normal price: Rp. 300.000

🏆 Spelling bee competition (27th November)
🐤Early bird: Rp. 250.000 (11st September-4th October 2019)
Normal price: Rp. 300.000
This event will be held on:
📆: 25th until 27th November 2019
🏫: Aula UPT Perputakaan, Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Rawamangun, East Jakarta
⏰: 07.30 – End

🗣 2 competitions for senior highschool and college students. Open registration starts from 11st September to 11st October 2019
🏆 Short movie
❕This is a group competition, each group consist of 5 to 8 members
📜Murder Mystery
📜Unite in Diversity
💸: Rp. 250.000
Submit via email on: smfeature2019@gmail.com
(26th October 2019)

🏆 Poetry challenge
📜The Adventure of Life
📜Grateful of God
💸: Rp. 50.000
Submit via email on: pcfeature2019@gmail.com
(26th October 2019)

👩‍🏫 Literary seminar
📜 Theme: Creative Writing
🤵: Brian Krishna (The Author of “Merayakan Kehilangan” “The Book of Almost” “This Is Why I Need You” )
This event will be held on:
📆: 28th November 2019
🏫: Aula Latief, Gedung Dewi Sartika, Kampus A UNJ, East Jakarta
⏰: 09.00 – End
Pre sale💸: Rp. 100.000
OTS: Rp. 125.000

There will be:
🎭: Cosplay (For UNJ Students Only)
Theme : ❝Into your Wonderland❞
Sub theme :
📜: Disney
📜: Heroes
📜: Fairytale
💸 : Rp. 50.000
✨ Special Performance from ❝Kabar Burung❞
🌠Special guest star by ❝ADIKARA FARDI❞
This event will be held on:
📆: 30th November 2019
🏫: Lapangan Aula UPT Perpustakaan, Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Rawamangun, East Jakarta
⏰: 09.00 – End
💲: Rp. 60.000

❓What will you get❓
📑Special book (for those who participate in Competition Literary Seminar)
🥖Snack box
🛍Goodie bag
📒Seminar kit

  • Merchandise
  • New experiences
    👫New friends
    💰Cash (for those who participate in competitions)


✨If you are ready to showcase your best talent and eager to learn more about creative writing let join us on FEATURE! We can’t wait to see your amazing talent❗✨

ℹ More information
💁‍♂: Gigih: 0812-8644-1415
💁‍♀: Rhenaya: 0815-9757-635

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